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Womb Healings

Hello beautiful <3 Thank you for taking the time to show your womb the love and attention that she deserves. As someone who's lived with and felt endless pain in my womb over the course of my life, I know just how hard it can be to choose to show your womb love when she seems to be the source of so much pain.

Image by Ricky  Kharawala

My Womb Journey

Every womb has a story - just as every woman does. Research has shown that we already exist as an egg in our mother's body while she's still growing the womb of her own mother's body.  

So not only does our womb carry the experiences that we've had, it also holds the pain of our mother's and our grandmother's too.

Although I don't know my Grandmother's Story, I do know the story of my mother all too well. 

From the time my mother was only 7 or 8 years old until she was 16 she was brutally rapped, beaten, and tortured on a regular basis by the one man in this world that was supposed to keep her safe - her father.  

The torture that she experienced left her with scars so deep that they bled out onto everyone she loved. She did her best to move through it, but there's no guide book for how to heal from that kind of pain. 

Although my own womb never lived what my mother experienced in her childhood, the pain of what she went through was present in my womb from my very first period.

Image by René Porter

From Pain to Power

Every single month from the time I was 11 until I was 28 I was terrified to get my period. The pain was so bad that I'd end up not being able to function for the first 2 to 3 days. 

Every single month I'd feel like such a failure. I'd feel so ashamed to have to miss school again or to have to call in sick to work. I'd try and push myself and tell myself that this month would be different, that this month I'd be strong enough to push past the pain and go to school or work and every single time I failed. 

I tried everything. Mydol, Tylenol, Advil, and any other pain killer the doctors would tell me to try. I saw so many different gynecologists and they all told me to take birth control (which also didn't work).

I got so tired of nothing working. I got so tired of feeling so ashamed. 

So that's when I decided to take things back into my own hands and I made a commitment to myself to try anything I could to finally heal my womb and have normal periods. 

That commitment started in 2017 when I started my journey as a holistic nutritionist. 

Image by Joran Quinten

Finding Answers

I read every book that I could get my hands on, I tried every hormone balancing herb, root, vegetable and anything else that I could get my hands on. 

Everything that I tried helped a bit but nothing seemed to solve it completely until one day I finally tried something that I'd never tried before. I received a womb healing. 


In that healing, I felt as if so much pain (not just my own but also the pain of my mother) was being released from my womb. It was such an intense physical release that I was shocked, and I felt even more shocked when my next period came and I was able to function so much better than I normally would. 

This womb healing gave me so much hope that maybe I could finally have normal periods. I continued to do womb healings for myself and I continued to research different natural remedies to further reduce my symptoms and I was finally able to discover the last piece of the puzzle - omega 3's. 

Image by Ricky  Kharawala

My Mission

Now, I no longer fear my periods - because I know that I have the tools to move through whatever comes up emotionally and that I have the right supplements to help support my body on a hormonal level too.

After living for almost 16 years with periods that were so painful I couldn't function I want to do everything that I can to help other women find the relief and the healing that they deserve. 

Having lived through a miscarriage, infidelity, toxic relationships, and carrying the legacy of so many generations of women who were raped, beaten, and abused for simply being women, I want to help every woman that I can to know that they aren't alone in her pain and that they don't have to feel ashamed for what they've been through or for what they're still going through right now.

I want every woman to know that they don't have to spend the rest of their life suffering and that it's 100% possible to heal with a little time, patience and support. 

If you're ready to start your own womb healing journey, simply continue scrolling to find out more. 

Image by Joran Quinten

What a session looks like

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Womb Healing Herbal Infusions

When you first arrive to your session, I'll prepare you a womb healing herbal infusion that'll help to soothe your nervous system and open your womb up to release all that wants to come up. 

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Opening Up to Channel

After you've had some of the womb healing herbal infusion, I'll open myself up as a channel to make space for any energies that want to help you in your womb healing session. 

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Sharing Messages

At the end of the womb healing session I'll share any images, messages, or sensations that came through with you so that you can continue your healing journey after our session finishes.

What to Expect

Many people experience a release through crying, yawning, or simply a softening of their body. 

Some people become cold during the session while others become very warm (which is why I always have blankets of different textures and thickness available).

Some people feel tingling and or pins and needles as a physical sensation. 

Most people feel peaceful and a great sense of release after a session. 

To learn more about my spiritual gifts you can click here. 

Book A Session

Thanks for sending me your info! I'll be sure to reach out to you asap to schedule our womb healing session together <3

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