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Stress Management Testimonial

Laura's knowledge, genuine care, and pure dedication make her an outstanding choice for anyone seeking a coach to navigate life's stressors and find joy. She has a pure soul, and it's clear she genuinely wants to positively impact people's lives.

I wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone seeking a coach who not only understands but goes above and beyond to provide meaningful solutions. I'm grateful for the techniques she's shared and will keep using the things that she has taught me and continues to do so!!

- Erica -

Womb Healing Testimonial

I am so grateful to have experienced Laura's magic in a womb healing 1:1 session! It was such a transformative energetic journey with deep cellular clearing in my womb space & sacral Chakra. Laura's Light Language was a combination of absolute angelic grace & beauty and potent density-shattering power. 

Her multidimensional voice & energy took me to an incredible in between space where I could feel her presence like a fiery dragon blowing fire into all the stagnancies in my womb space & transmuting it back into light. I had synchronistically started my monthly bleed right the day of our womb healing session & for the rest of my bleeding days, I could feel a heavier flow carrying out the old energies.

In the days to follow, I noticed a huge surge of creativity as I designed a new offer & felt really rooted as a vessel for the divine to flow through. In a Kundalini activation group session I facilitated a few days after this womb healing, several clients mentioned having huge womb healings & releases of their own during our session. 

It was so clear to me that the powerful codes Laura shared with me in our 1:1 healing was now rippling healing into those I hold space for too. So MAGICAL! Laura is such a heart centered, sweet, caring & loving facilitator. She truly sees you & holds an incredibly safe & empowering healing space. 

I highly recommend doing a 1:1 womb healing session with her & jumping into her other sweet offerings! it will be such an elevating portal for your growth & expansion. Thank you so much Laura! I so appreciate you!!!

(read all about Ella by clicking here)

- Ella Tsang - Kundalini Priestess - 

Full Energetic Healing

My first energy healing was with Laura and I couldn't be more grateful to have had her as my first experience. As a first timer, she really made me feel comfortable and I truly felt safe with her in a judgement free environment. She cared deeply and I could tell healing is her passion. It was a powerful session and she provided guidance throughout. 

Afterwards, she went in depth in what she felt and explained some theories, she gave me recommendations and even followed up with me! Thank you Laura for helping me and healing me from within <3

- Mariah - 

Full Energetic Healing

I was not very familiar with energy healing before I decided to attend a healing session with Laura. She immediately made me feel at ease and relaxed as I travelled into (for me) the unknown world of energetic healing. 

One of the things that I really appreciated was her openness and transparency about the process and any emotions that can occur during the healing session. 

Laura's natural talent and gift in energetic healing is very apparent as there were releases and sensations that I felt which I could not explain. She also puts a lot of effort and checks in after the session to make sure everything is ok. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone (with or without experience) looking for a energy healing session.

- Anthony - 

Full Energetic Healing

From the moment I met Laura, I could tell she was a beautiful soul. It didn’t surprise me to learn that she is gifted with pure, luminous, and powerful healing energy. Without a clear intention, I felt strongly drawn to have a healing session with her.


I thought it would be a one-hour session, but her work transcends time and space. Several events, unfolded before, during, and after our meeting in a way that seemed magically connected.


Her intuitive insights began to make more sense day after day. She foresaw an event in my life that happened many years ago, and that it repeated a few days after our session. Her angelical chants helped dissolve the pain I was feeling.


I would like to say that her work is deeply transformative. I feel she removed energy, memories and feelings that were lying dormant within me and that no longer served me. I am very thankful for her help and I look forward to more of her sessions.

- Paula - 

Full Energetic Healing

Laura is truly gifted! She makes you feel comfortable from the get-go and knows exactly what you need at that moment.

I came into my healing energy session with the heart open and no specific intention, but I loved that she has a way of guiding us wherever our higher self can be served.

I got great confirmation through my session with her from what I carry, my past lives and part of my purpose in this lifetime.

I genuinely believe that part of tapping into our highest potential is clearing any stagnant energy that’s no longer serving us, and that’s precisely the work Laura does!

My body could recognize her beautiful and angelic light language, and I felt my third eye and crown chakra open! I’ve been disconnecting from source lately, but I honestly think this session connected me back to it. Thank you so much again, Laura.


This is not the last time! I’m determined to release any baggage from my past lives that is no longer serving me and helping me connect deeper with my gifts xo

- Catherine - 

Multiple Services

Laura has played an invaluable role in my personal and business journey. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She is a kind, non-judgemental human being who is ready to listen to your needs and wants to help you grow and transform in your journey. 

I have had the honour to work one on one with Laura in various ways as she offers many services. Besdies being professional and knowlegable, she is a genuine soul that is dedicated to help guide and support you along the way. 

I am truly grateful to have met and worked with Laura and would work with her again in a heartbeat!!!

- Maria Hatzimarkos - owner of Your Ketorefic Journey - 
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