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Safe Space Sessions

Image by Roman Kraft

Hey there my beautiful friend,

What does it mean to feel safe?


So many of us grew up being told that we weren't allowed to either feel or express certain emotions which taught us to bottle, bury, hide or distract ourselves in hopes of making our feelings go away. 

Although these ways of coping help us in the moment, they often end up hurting us in the long run because they leave us feeling like certain parts of us aren't acceptable. They leave us feeling unsafe to simply feel our feelings. 

When we go for too long without processing our emotions we often end up feeling chronically stuck in one or two states instead of being able to move from one state to another easily like kids naturally do. 

For some people that will look like feeling chronically stressed. For others, it might look like feeling angry without really understanding why. And for some it might look like feeling numb or just detached from their daily lives. 

If this sounds familiar to you, know that there's nothing wrong with you. Unfortunately, most of us weren't taught how to process our emotions growing up but thankfully since then, there's been an endless amount of research that can help us to change that. 

With the help of EFT, Vagus Nerve Exercises, and Creative Arts Therapy techniques, we can process our emotions in a healthier way. 

Whether the emotions you're moving through are from recent or past experiences, these techniques can help you to release what's no longer serving you so that you can finally help your body to feel safe again. 

To find out more simply send me a message through my connect page. 

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