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The Happy Pack

Hey beautiful human! Today I wanted to share something extra special with you - it's a little something I call a happy pack.

The idea of the happy pack came to me during my healing journey from depression and when it popped into my head I knew that I had to share it with the rest of the world!

Before I share the details of how to make a Happy Pack for yourself I just want to say something - if you're currently suffering with depression please know that you're not alone.

I know just how hard it can be to to pull yourself out of the darkness but I promise you that it's possible.

I believe in you with all my heart and I hope that making your own happy pack will help to bring a little bit more joy and light into your life asap.

So to make a happy pack you're going to need the following list of items:

  • A pencil case or makeup bag

  • 1 item that you can smell

  • 1 item that you can touch

  • 1 item that you can see

  • 1 item that you can hear

  • 1 item that you can taste

  • and about 15 minutes of time

Now I know that this sounds like you need a lot of stuff but it's actually possible that you'll have some items that'll overlap from this list and it's actually pretty common that they will.

So before you choose your items I want you to take the next 5 minutes to write down your top favourite things from each of the categories that I mentioned above. Here are some examples of mine (feel free to use any of them for your own list):


  • Freshly baked bread

  • Maple cookies

  • A cup of hot chocolate

  • Strawberries

  • Vanilla


  • Fuzzy faux fur blankets

  • Sherpa Sweaters

  • The sun heating up my bones

  • A long hug from someone I love

  • A heating pad that's just come out of the microwave


  • Anything in nature - especially forests

  • People laughing together

  • My little cat luna sitting on her favourite chair

  • Rays of sunshine peeking through the leaves on a tree

  • The smiles of the ones I love most


  • The sound of Nat King Cole or Ella Fitzgerald on a rainy afternoon

  • The sound of my family saying I love you so much

  • The little chirpy sounds my cats makes when I get back home from work

  • The sound of a wood fire crackling

  • The sound of the ocean


  • Freshly baked brownies

  • Mango ice cream

  • Tacoooos with extra guac

  • Matcha Latés

  • Dark Chocolate slowly melting on my tongue

So now that I have my list of some of my favourite things from each category I'd simply put together a maximum of 5 items that reflect these things in my happy pack.

As an example, I'd choose to put a little piece of dark chocolate or a hot chocolate powder sachet in my happy pack which would cover one of my favourite sent's and smell's. For my sense of touch I would put in one of those mini instant heating pads that people usually use during the winter in their boots or mittens.

For sight, I'd put in a picture of someone that I really love, and for sound, I might put a little conch shell (the ones that sound like the ocean when you hold them up to your ear).

Now these are just some examples and you can change them up depending on the day. Some days I might decide to add in a matcha tea instead of a hot chocolate for example.

The sound you choose can be a song that you choose to listen to on your phone. The feeling might be a little fuzzy keychain that reminds you of your favourite fur baby.

The sky's the limit when it comes to your happy pack! You simply have to choose what brings you joy <3

Once you've chosen what to put in your happy pack all that's left to do is fill it up and choose where you're going to put it. Whether you choose to put it in your backpack, lunchbox, purse or anywhere else that you can think of, just be sure that you'll know where to find it when you're in need of a quick boost.

Now if you're thinking to yourself - Laura how in the world is making a happy pack actually going to make a difference - I hear you and I get it.

Making a happy pack won't solve everything, but it'll simply act as another tool to help support you as you move through moments of difficulty in life.

When we take the time to connect to our senses, we're connecting to our bodies and helping ourselves to transform a narrative of sadness and stress into safety and presence. We're letting our nervous system know that we can now move into a new state of being.

I don't know about you, but finding moments of safety, presence, joy and peace while moving through difficult times feels like the greatest gift ever.

Even just a moment feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

And you want to know something that's pretty cool? When you practice working with a happy pack on a regular basis you'll literally be retraining your brain and your nervous system to find and focus on things that will help to bring you back into balance more quickly. So although it isn't a cure all - with the support of other mental health tools - using a happy pack can genuinely help you to start experiencing more joy on a regular basis.

How amazing and exciting is that?!

So that's it for today my magical friend :D If you decide to make a happy pack too please let me know! Connection is one of my favourite things in the entire world and so it would bring me so much joy to hear about any that the happy pack brings to you <3

Wishing you so much love, joy, hope and healing,


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