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Sacred Gifts with Loann Phoenix - Review

Sacred Gifts with Loann Phoenix is a program that helped me to see myself and the gifts that I was naturally born with more clearly than I ever had before.

It felt like being presented with the truth of who I am on paper.

I'm so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to receive Loann's guidance and support in the discovery of my gifts, and I can't begin to express how much I'd reccomend trying this program out for yourself.

A little thing called purpose

I don't know about you, but growing up, I was always told what career path I should take. I was conditioned to believe that other people knew best and that the things I was drawn to would not and could not ever turn into a career.

Well, after years of trying my best to listen to society, I decided to finally follow my heart, and in doing so, I came to know Loann.

Doing Loann's Sacred Gifts program helped me to finally find the validation I'd been looking for, for what felt like my entire life. The things that I loved doing most, the things that lit me up like a freaking Christmas Tree every time I thought about them, those were my gifts.

Not only were they my gifts, but they were also the key to me finding my purpose. They were the key to me finding true joy.

My Gifts

With Loann's help, I was able to discover that I have 8 gifts which are:

  • The gift of showmanship

  • The gift of craftsmanship

  • The gift of encouragement

  • The gift of hospitality

  • The gift of knowledge

  • The gift of writing

  • The gift of service

  • The gift of healing

Although they sound simple enough, what made this process so much more validating, was the depth of the information that Loann shared about the ways in which each of my gifts show up in my life.

As an example, Loann explained to me that people with the gift of knowledge love absorbing and understanding new information. They need to learn how to trust what their intuition is telling them to learn about next, even if it doesn't seem relevant to their life in the present moment.

They love deep meaningful conversations and would prefer to skip the small talk.

She taught me that there are two sides to the gift of knowledge which are a need to learn followed by a need to share that information with others.

People with the gift of knowledge are known to pick up books or take classes without finishing them because they instinctively know exactly what they need to read in order to get the knowledge that they're seeking.

Hearing this description made so much sense to me because there had been so many times in which I was drawn to learn about something that had no relevance to me and or my life, but then I'd bump into someone that would be struggling with what I'd just learned about.

There was no way that I could've ever known that I'd meet someone who'd need the information and yet something inside of me knew I needed to learn it.

As Loann explained each gift to me and the signs of how they show up in my life, I kept finding myself smiling at how accurately I was being described for what felt like the first time ever.

The gift description that gave me chills

Although I resonated with literally every single gift description that Loann shared with me, the one that literally gave me chills, was my gift of healing.

She told me that people who are born with the gift of healing often experience this instinct to want to use their hands to help others to heal in some way.

They often experience heat and or tingling sensations in their hands that accompany the feeling of wanting to heal someone.

People with this gift have a natural ability to move & manipulate energy in order to create accelerated physical and or emotional healing.

My gift of healing is something that I hid for most of my life from others because I was so afraid of them judging me and or calling me crazy. But when Loann described to me the physical sensations that people with this gift experience, it made me realize just how much my gift of healing had always been with me.

Our gifts aren't something that we choose, they're something that we're simply born with.

Imagine if We All Used Our Gifts

It's so wild to think that we're all born with these incredible gifts and yet we're conditioned to ignore and or block them out in order to fit into society.

Although I understand why we do so - to keep ourselves and those we love safe, imagine if we lived in a world where we were taught that using our gifts is the greatest way that we can contribute to society.

Imagine if we were conditioned to believe that using our gifts is the path to discovering true happiness.

Imagine being taught that our purpose is to simply discover and share our gifts with others and that in doing so we will be more abundant than we could ever imagine.

This is a world that could exist if more people took the time to discover their gifts and the value that they hold.

This is a world that could exist if we took the time to not only learn about our own gifts, but also the gifts of those we work and or live with.

The Value of Knowing Your Gifts

The greatest value that I received from doing this program was confidence. I now feel as if I know who I am and what I bring to the world and all of the people that I meet.

I now feel as if I can walk into any room with my head held high because I know, I understand, and believe in the value of my unique gifts.

And that, is a pretty incredible feeling.

Who can benefit from doing this program?

I truly believe that anyone can benefit from doing this program. Even if you feel as though you understand yourself pretty well, it'll simply help you to understand how your gifts function and or show up within all the areas of your life that much more.

If you feel as though you're questioning what your purpose is or if you're struggling to figure out how to use your gifts at work or within your relationships, this program is yet another incredible tool for self-discovery and self-growth.

How to connect with Loann

If you feel called to discover what your sacred gifts are too, you can simply reach out to Loann through Instagram or you can contact her directly through her website.

Instagram: @giftedabilities

If you have any questions about my experience or if you'd like to share your own experience with me please feel free to send me a message through my connect page.

Wishing you the most magical rest of your day and looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with you in the near future!

With all my love,



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