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QHHT with Christine Clark

QHHT with Christine Clark is an experience that I'll never fully be able to put into words. I only say that, because I feel that the experience is something that could only ever be understood by feeling it.

With that being said, I still want to take the time to share my experience with you as best as I can because I believe with all of my heart and soul that if this experience could help me to find more hope, healing, love and joy, then maybe it can for you too.

So I guess like with any journey, I'll simply start at the beginning...

If you've ever experienced any form of trauma in your life you may be all too familiar with the effects that it can have on the way you see and show up in the world.

As you may or may not know, I've been working really hard to heal from the trauma that I've experienced in my life (sometimes it feels like it's been forever), but as hard as I've been working at it, I recently started feeling as though there was something in me that was blocking me from moving further.

That thing that was stopping me, was my ego.

I was so terrified of my own ego and I had no idea how to deal with it. Until one day I had a thought pop into my head.

That thought was that I should reach out to Christine Clark - who I'd met and interviewed in the past for a project that I started during the pandemic called My Health Montreal. My gut told me that as scared as I was to face my ego, I had to if I wanted to truly set myself free. So I reached out to her.

Before I knew it, we'd scheduled a date to meet.

Once the day had arrived I felt so scared but at the same time I felt as if I was so calm because I knew that I needed to go.

The first half of my QHHT session

When I arrived at Christine's space I felt like I was visiting an old friend. I felt so welcomed and safe in spite of the fear I was feeling.

As I sat down on the sofa she gave me a glass of water and the coziest blanket I could've ever imagine which made me feel that much safer. She then sat across from me and we started our session.

She asked me a series of questions and while doing so I already felt as though the process of me understanding myself in the way I'd been trying so hard to do on my own had begun.

I laughed, I cried my eyes out, and my mind had so many aha moments that I lost count.

Then it happened. One of the feelings that I'd been experiencing and struggling so hard to deal with came to the surface. I felt this huge bolt of energy shoot up from my stomach into my heart and it felt as if my chest was on fire and was about to explode.

As I shared this with her and we talked through it, I realized that feeling was simply energy and or an emotion that was trying to get out. I realized that I was stopping it out of fear because I didn't understand what it was.

Before I knew it the feeling dissipated and not too long after that I felt as if I was ready to go into the next stage of the process - the hypnosis stage.

The Hypnosis Stage

This was the thing that I'd been feeling the most terrified about and strangely also peaceful about.

As I laid down on the sofa and put the blindfold on that Christine had handed to me, I did my best to open my mind and heart up to the experience. There's no way that I could've ever imagined all that I saw and felt.

I faced so many memories from my past, I realized that I was always loved, I found a safe space where my inner child had been hiding, I felt the power, strength and pain of so many women of the past and present, and I faced the part of me that I feared most of all - my ego.

I don't know how much of the experience was made up by my mind, what parts of it were real, and what parts of it were simply my ego running the show, but I do know that I'll carry so many of the memories and lessons that I learned from this experience for the rest of my life.


I had so many different memories from my past that came up it felt as if I was watching a movie. What surprised me, was that the movie ended up being so beautiful.

I'd forgotten so much of the good that I'd experienced in my life because of being so focused the painful parts.

Every memory that came up made me realize how all of the people who'd hurt me, also loved me so very deeply, they simply didn't know how to heal from the pain that they'd experienced in their own childhoods which led them to unintentionally hurting me.

Realizing that I'd always been loved was such a beautiful moment for me because I'd been convinced for so long that no one loved me. And I know now that that wasn't the case.

Finding my inner child and my safe space

Although I don't remember the exact way that Christine guided me to finding my inner child, I remember so vividly the images and feelings I experienced when I did.

I felt as if I was being wrapped up in blanket after blanket until I was in a cocoon of blankets.

Then I felt as if the blankets opened up and I saw myself as a kid inside of a blanket fort with so many of my favourite childhood snacks.

There were tons of comfy pillows and twinkly lights and before I knew it, I started seeing so many of my favourite pets from over the years in the blanket fort with me.

I felt so happy, safe, and loved that it made me cry. I felt as if I'd finally found a safe place within myself to be able to go to when I needed to come back to myself.

Not too long after that, I had yet another mind blowing experience.

Seeing my mom

I felt as if there was someone standing above me and that they wanted me to take their hand. As Christine guided me, I reached out my hand and when I opened it up I felt as if my mom reached back out to hold it.

I felt how much she loved me. I felt how sorry she felt for all the pain she'd caused me. I felt how much she wanted me to heal.

I felt that I could give her back the pain and that she was ready and waiting to take it from me. It felt so real it was wild.

Not too long after that I was faced with the part of me that I feared most - my ego.

Meeting my ego

As you may or may not know, our ego is the part of us that simply wants to keep us safe, but in doing so, it can also cause us a lot of unintentional harm.

My ego had been working so hard for so long to keep me safe that it felt as though I was facing a freaking monster within me.

What I learned was that that monster, the part of me that felt so dark, so broken, and so afraid was the parts of me that I was taught to hate.

I know now that my ego wasn't my enemy, it was simply continuing to do what it always did to keep me safe.

I learned that I don't need to be afraid of my ego or to fight it anymore but that I need to befriend it and treat it with the love and guidance that it never received. I learned that I could work with my ego and use it for good which made me feel so incredibly relieved.

Meeting my higher self

Our highest self is the part of us that runs the show when we're feeling our best.

It's the part of us that believes in us, that knows our deepest truths and it operates from a state of joy and deep knowing that there's so much strength to be found within us when we allow ourselves to be lead by love.

As strange as it might sound to say, at our core, I believe that we're all love and that life's painful moments simply convince us otherwise. We get so focused on the pain that we loose sight of all of the good that exists. But when we make the choice to come back to love, that's when we can truly start to heal.

Meeting my highest self was yet another reminder of the love that was always right there inside of me, and for that, I'll always be grateful.

Waking up

When I finally took off the blindfold I felt as if I was in this weird dream like state.

When I tried to sit up I felt as if I weighed a thousand pounds. It was the first time in what felt like forever that I actually felt like I was in my body and fully present.

I felt like my mind and body had just been on the wildest journey imaginable and the physical feeling I was experiencing was a confirmation that something had definitely happened.

We discussed things briefly, I then went to the washroom and she prepared a USB stick for me to be able to listen to the session again as I needed.

As I left her space, I felt as if something had shifted and the shift was huge. I still had the thoughts and feelings within me that I'd arrived with, but now, I had so many new ways of supporting myself through them.

The next day

The day after my session, as I was doing my best to process what was and wasn't real from the experience, I got a call from my aunt.

As I shared bits and pieces of my session with her and I got to the part about my mom, she stopped me and said that she had shivers.

She wasn't sure if she should tell me or not because I no longer have contact with my mom in order to protect my mental health, but I told her that I wanted to know why what I'd shared with her had affected her so much. So then she shared with me that my mom had said the exact words that I'd heard her say in my session to my aunt in a conversation that they'd had on the phone together not too long ago.

We both were in shock but I felt something within me tell me that although it seemed impossible, maybe just maybe, the experience I had wasn't all just in my head.

Moving Forward

Although I'm sure I'll never be able to explain what I experienced, I'm also sure that if you've been struggling with facing your fears, your ego, your wounds, or anything that you feel is stopping you, doing a QHHT session with Christine can help you to find hope, healing, love, joy, and peace in ways that I don't think any other experience could.

There aren't enough words to express how incredibly grateful and honoured I feel for having the opportunity to have met Christine and to have experienced one of her many gifts.

I know with all of my heart and soul that the work she's doing is helping to make the world a happier, healthier, and more loving place to be.

If you'd to learn more about Christine and about QHHT you can simply click the link below or you can reach out to her directly with your questions by contacting her at:

Phone: 514-671-9834

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my experience and I hope with all of my heart that it will inspire you to take one small step towards creating more hope, healing, love, and joy in your own life.

Until next time,



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