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Kundalini Awakening with Ella Tsang

Kundalini Awakening is a term that's become very well-known within spiritual communities over the past few years. But actually having a first-hand experience at feeling the power of your own energy being fully activated and liberated, is something that could never possibly be understood by simply reading about it.

I've had the incredible opportunity to experience Ella Tsang's gift of Kundalini activation twice now, and both experiences have left me in complete awe.

As someone who always tries to understand the science, logic, and or reason behind things, spirituality is something that both fascinates and terrifies me.

The reason why, is because it doesn't seem logical, and yet it still works.

How can we possibly trust in something without understanding it right? Well, I don't really have an answer to that question.

What I do have though, is the ego shattering experience of simply soaking up all that is Kundalini Activation.

My first Kundalini Activation experience

The very first Kundalini Activation experience that I had with Ella was at Welma Studios. I found out about the event about a week before while scrolling on Instagram.

I can't fully explain it, but when I saw Ella's post about the event (which was called amor to amour) something in me just knew I had to be there.

I'd met Ella about a year before through another incredibly gifted and kind soul Dunia Darwhich. After sharing our life experiences, the journeys we'd taken into our spiritual gifts, and how we'd shared them up until that point, I knew that Ella was incredibly special.

And man oh man did I turn out to be right haha.

Fast forward a year later and here I was getting to experience the gifts she'd told me all about. I didn't fully know what to expect going in, but I decided to trust that whatever was meant to be, would simply be.

Ella began the evening by creating the most incredibly safe space for us. She took the time to explain the many possible outcomes of what we might experience and she also explained how our nervous systems, our physical bodies, our minds, and our energetic body might respond during the activation.

After doing so, she then led us through a series of movements and breath exercises that allowed us to tune into the intelligence of our bodies so that they could do what they do best - feel.

Practicing Surrender

The more I connected with my body the more it started to move in ways that my mind couldn't comprehend. I was crying like a baby. I was laughing historically. And I was feeling into the anger, grief, and sadness that my body had been waiting for so long to release.

The more that I surrendered to my body, the more I felt as if I'd tapped into something ancient. It was a completely different form of intelligence, which I'd experienced before, but only in small doses.

It felt wise, wild, powerful, and free. It felt like a warrior was let out from the very depths of me and she knew exactly what to do to move through the things that my mind had no idea how to.

But plot twist, haha, just because I had that realization, it didn't mean that my ego wasn't going to do its best to challenge all that I was experiencing.

But as my ego fought back by trying to understand, trying to think its way out of feeling, trying to control the outcome, my body kept on doing things that would leave me feeling so incredibly confused.

I kept reminding myself to surrender and to trust over and over again and before I knew it 3 hours had passed by in what felt like an instant.

At the end of the event, we sat and shared small pieces of our experiences with one another. Every single one of us had a completely different journey. It was so wild.

I felt so much peace and I felt as if I'd discovered a part of me that had been waiting for so long to be seen.

My Second Kundalini Activation Experience

Roughly a month later Ella reached out to let me know about another event she had coming up.

She let me know that this one, however, would be slightly different from the last one because it would also involve movement and sound healing.

Because of the first experience I'd had, I felt as if I knew what to expect going into it a second time.

Although in some ways it was the same, in other ways, it was completely different.

The week leading up to the event, I'd been moving through a lot of anger that I had no idea how to process.

I was also trying so incredibly hard to forgive someone for the pain that they had caused me, but no matter what I did, I just couldn't seem to think my way out of it.

The day of, I still felt angry, but I knew that this next Kundalini Activation experience would help me to be able to process what I'd been feeling.

The event started in a similar way to my first Kundalini Activation with Ella, but this time it also included Danylo (a Kundalini Free Flow Facilitator) and Freddy (a breathwork coach and sound healing musician).

Each one of them explained to us how their part of the event would work, and what we could expect to experience from it. After that, we went diving straight into a Kundalini Free Flow led by Danylo.

If I had to describe Danylo's energy I would describe it as safe, loving, grounding, and yet so incredibly playful.

I felt that I could let go and trust him to guide me through the experience without feeling any fear.

It felt so incredibly natural and like coming home to a truth that was there all along. From one movement to the next, everything simply flowed together like pure magic.

Breathwork and Sound Healing

After our Kundalini Free Flow session with Danylo, Freddy then guided us through a breathwork experience.

Before this event, I'd tried breathwork once before, but I didn't feel safe during that experience.

This time, however, it was different. If I had to describe Freddy's energy, I would describe it as loving safety or a shelter from the storm.

I felt as if he'd been through things in his life. Painful things.

But because of those experiences, he'd gained the most incredible gift - the gift of genuine empathy for others.

As he led us through breathwork and then later bared his soul for us through his music, I felt as if all that he spoke and sang went straight into my heart.

It felt like pure love. It felt like heart medicine.

Kundalini Activation with Ella Tsang

After breathwork, we were then led by Ella through a Kundalini Activation. My body did all kinds of wild and weird things again haha but yet it was different this time around. The first time I felt as if I was moving through sadness and grief. This time, I was processing anger.

My ego showed up just as strongly as my anger did and it fought so freaking hard to stay in control but my body was ready and willing to fight just as hard. I literally felt as if I was a breakdancer, a contortionist, and a yogi expert at the same time.

My body was doing dance moves that I would have absolutely no idea how to recreate. I was also bending and stretching my body in ways that I'd never done before.

On top of that - I was shaking, making very specific yet non-logical signs, symbols, and movements with my hands, and I was also making all kinds of animalistic sounds (which felt awesome haha).

It was the ultimate challenge to my ego because yet again, it didn't make any sense, yet somehow, things within shifted.

Ella Tsang

You know the expression great things come in small packages? Well, in Ella's case, that's definitely true, but I think that there's another quote that describes her even better - and though she be but little, she be fierce.

Ella radiates the definition of embodied feminine power. You can feel how much she believes in the work that she's doing, and when you get to experience her work firsthand, you then understand why.

While writing this, I was called to look up the origins of the word ceremony. In doing so, I discovered that the word ceremony is thought to originate from either Middle English cerymonye, from Latin caerimonia or caeremonia, later often cerimonia which would be understood today as “sacredness, reverence, or a sacred rite”

Kundalini Awakening with Ella Tsang feels exactly like that - a sacred right.

It's a right that I believe we all deserve to experience because, at the end of the day, Kundalini Activation is simply love in motion.

The Closing Ceremony

After the Kundalini activation came to a close, Freddy then led us all through a group sing-along. Although that may sound like an adorable scene from your favourite Disney movie, I swear this was anything but that.

Singing together with a group of strangers felt so incredibly healing and safe.

It felt like being held by the sound of each other's hearts.

After we finished singing, we were then given the opportunity to share our experiences with one another. I chose to simply listen because I had moved through so many things that I didn't really know how to express in words at the time.

But time and space for reflection allowed me to process everything that I experienced during the event so that I could be sharing it all with you here and now.

What I learned from my experiences

The biggest takeaways that I gained from my experiences include:

  1. Our bodies have the capability to heal us in a way that our minds never could

  2. Our ego fights hardest when we're trying to let go of something that's no longer serving us

  3. There's feminine and masculine energy in literally everyone

  4. It takes far more strength to surrender, than it does to hold onto something

  5. Literally everyone has sh** that they're trying to heal from

  6. We're all looking for a better way to process our emotions

  7. We're all looking to feel safe, heard, and understood

  8. Just because you can't explain something, it doesn't mean that it isn't real

I can only hope that one day you'll get to experience Kundalini Activation for yourself because for the lack of better words, it's freaking magical haha

I'm so incredibly grateful to have received Ella's, Danylo's, and Freddy's gifts and I can't wait to experience their gifts again in the near future.

Learn more about them

If you'd like to experience their gifts for yourself you can simply use the links below.

You can also find them on Instagram at:

If you've already experienced their gifts for yourself and you'd simply like to tell people about it, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

You can also feel free to reach out to me through the connect page of this website with any questions that you may have.

Wishing you the most magical rest of your day and I can't wait to connect with you again soon.

With all my love - Lau

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