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Botanica's Lavender Moon Mylk

By Laura Lee Peters

Botanica Health Moon Mylk with Rose added on top
Botanica's Lavender Moon Mylk With Rose Petals Added On Top

Botanica's Lavender Moon Mylk powder is one of my all time favourite products which is why I'm so excited to tell you all about it today!

If you're a big fan of natural products and you also happen to be completely obsessed with drinking tea, Botanica's Lavender Moon Mylk powder might just turn out to be one of your new favourite treats.

If you've tried moon mylk before you know that there are tons of different options and recipes out there so what makes Botanica's different from the rest?

For me, it's the ingredients that they've chosen to use as well as the potency and quality of each one. I also can't forget to mention that it tastes insanely delicious and that they've chosen to work with eco friendly packaging to boot!

Moon Mylk Ingredient Breakdown

Botanica's Moon Mylk contains organic ashwagandha, organic coconut milk, organic dates, organic lavender tea, organic beet powder, organic tart cherry powder, organic vanilla flavour, organic lavender flavour, and Monk Fruit.

If you're like me and you have a passion for all things natural, you might already be familiar with some of these ingredients and what their benefits are. If you're not familiar with all of them though, now worries, I've got your back!



Ashwagandha - first of all how the heck do you pronounce that right?! It's actually a lot simpler than you'd think. Ash - wa - gone - da. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's take a look at this amazing plant!

Ashwagandha is a plant that's been used for centuries to naturally reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. Although it's just starting getting the credit and attention that it deserves to receive in the west, it's been used in Ayurvedic medicine for what seems like forever!

Ashwagandha is what's known as an adaptogenic plant. This essentially means that it helps your body to better adapt to stress - and I mean who doesn't need some help adapting to stress these days right?

With that being said, whenever you're working with anything medicinal, regardless of what the reason is, it's really important that you work with high quality ingredients to ensure that you get the results that you're looking for.

It's also a huge bonus when you can get a high concentration of that plant within a small serving size and or capsule. With Botanica Health, you get both!

In just one teaspoon you're getting 2000mg of ashwagandha root which is insane! Normally drinking ashwagandha powder straight tastes - let's just say awful to be nice - but the fact that it's mixed in with a bunch of other yummy ingredients is a game changer.

Coconut Milk

coconut milk

The next ingredient on our list is coconut milk.

If you're a fan of coconuts you'll most likely enjoy coconut milk too! It's got a bit of a creamier texture that almond or oat milk which makes it a great choice if you're looking to make a drink or a recipe taste more decadent.

Besides being one of the ingredients that they've chosen to use in their formula, Botanica Health also recommends using it as one of your milks of choice when it comes time to preparing yourself a cup of this delicious treat.

I really love working coconut milk not just for its taste but also for it's health benefits. The main thing that coconuts contain is fat - but no need to worry - it's the good kind (in moderation haha).

They also contain a ton of a mineral called manganese, they've got some copper, magnesium and even some protein too which is a big bonus if you're following a plant based diet.

There's also some research showing that because coconuts are low in carbs and high in fibre and fat that they help to better control blood sugar levels which is really awesome.


The next ingredient is dates (yum)!

Dates are typically used to sweeten up a recipe but besides being sweet, they actually have some really awesome health benefits!

Per 100 grams dates contain roughly 7g of fiber, 2g of protein, 20% of the recommended daily intake of potassium, 14% RDI of magnesium, 18% RDI of copper and more!

Dates also contain high levels of antioxidants which have been shown to protect your body from free radical damage.

Lavender Tea & Flowers

Next up is lavender. It's one of the most well known and most popular stress reducing plants for a reason, it works.

Although not everyone is a fan of the smell of lavender, the magical fairies that give everything in this world their smell, which are otherwise known as terpenes, have been clinically studied and proven to greatly reduce our stress levels.

The primary terpene that makes lavender so potent is called Linalool. It can also be found in other plants such as rose, coriander, bergamot, jasmine, rosewood, and more.

Whether you consume lavender as a tea, incorporate it into baked goods, or you simply add some to a diffusor, it can help to calm your nervous system in no time flat.

Beet Powder
beet powder

Not only is beet powder a great way of making almost anything turn a lovely shade of pink, but it's also a great way of adding another touch of sweetness to whatever it's added to.

On top of that, beets also contain pigments known as betalains, which naturally possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Beets also contain nitrates which may help to improve athletic performance as well as protect the brain by promoting the dilation of blood vessels which therefor increase blood flow (specifically the frontal lobe of the brain).

Tart Cherry Powder
tart cherries

Cherries are one of my all time favourite fruits because not only do they taste delicious, but they're also health superhero's in disguise.

Cherries are one of the only plant based natural sources of melatonin which our bodies need to get a good nights sleep.

Although our bodies naturally produce melatonin many people aren't producing nearly enough because of being exposed to blue light most of the day. Sources of blue light include TV screens, our cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

Besides helping our bodies to get a better night's sleep, cherries are also anti-inflammatory. This means that they're a great way to naturally reduce pain.

Monk Fruit
monk fruit

Next on our list is Monk fruit, which was named after the Monks that first picked it centuries ago.

Before trying out Botanica's Moon Mylk, I'd actually never heard of monk fruit before but thanks to them, I was able to learn about a whole new way of sweetening up my life and my recipes!

Monk fruit, which is also known as lo han guo, is a type of small melon that's native to southern China.

It's been used in traditional Chinese medicine for decades but it recently made its debut in Western society.

So what's so great about Monk fruit? Well, the fact that its extract is about 150 to 250 times sweeter than regular table sugar, it has zero calories or carbs, and it also doesn't raise blood glucose levels, makes it pretty awesome in my books.

Vanilla and Lavender Flavour

The last two ingredients to go over are vanilla and lavender flavour. As simple as it sounds, these two ingredients have been added with the sole purpose of making this potent party that much more fun! Both flavours are also organic on top of being delicious which means that you can feel safe knowing that you're not consuming some kind of crazy chemical concoction when you're trying to take care of your health.

Fun fact, did you know that vanilla is a part of the orchid family?! How cool is that!?

How To Make It

Now that you know all that there is to know about the ingredients found in Botanica's Moon Mylk, now we can get into how to make it! You can actually go about it in a few different ways depending on how much energy and effort you feel like putting into the process.

Here are two different ways that you can make it:

1. Take out a small pot and add in a cup of plant based milk (coconut, almond, or oat are all great choices).

Then add in a teaspoon of the Moon Mylk powder. Next with a spoon, a fork, or a whisk, mix it up until there aren't any clumps of powder left. Once the milk has been warmed simply pour it into your favourite mug and enjoy!

2. The other way I've tried making this magic milk is by simply filling up half a mug with coconut milk (but any milk will work) and then I add in a teaspoon of the powder. After that I simply pop on my tea pot and once it's done I fill up the other half of my mug.

The last step that I do is either using a fork, a spoon, or a little handheld whisk I stir the mixture until they're aren't any clumps left. And that's it! You can also add some dried rose petals or lavender on top to make it look extra pretty!

Supplement Facts

Another important part of any product, besides the ingredients that it contains, is its nutrition profile. What I really love about this Moon Mylk is that although it tastes like drinking a dessert, it only contains 2 grams of sugar per portion (1tsp).

There are 20 servings per jar (if you use 1tsp per cup) and as I mentioned earlier you're getting 2000mg of ashwaghandha per cup which is insanely amazing! The only other thing that I would love to know is the exact amount of natural melatonin that you're getting from each cup. But maybe with time that information will be available.

Where To Get It
Bontanica Health moon mylk

If you're living in Montreal (which is where I'm from), you can find most of Botanica Health's products in most natural health food stores and or any IGA that contains a Rachelle Bery.

If you don't live in Montreal or if you're just not down to leave your house because you're a hardcore introvert like me haha, you can also buy their products on

To purchase their Moon Mylk specifically, you can simply click here.

If you do end up purchasing the product through the link I've provided I will make a small commission - because a girls gotta eat haha - but I would genuinely appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart.

If you don't want to purchase the product through amazon though there's also a ton of other great online natural health companies that now carry Botanica Health 's products.

My personal review of the product

Besides the fact that this product tastes amazing and that the ingredients it contains are incredible, I really notice a big difference in my stress levels when I use it.

As someone that used to suffer from severe anxiety and depression finding tools and products to make the tough days a little easier is a life saver (sometimes literally).

Although I did see a big difference working with Botanica Health's capsule form of Ashwangandha, and I still use it every now and then when I'm having a stressful day, sometimes it's nice to have a tool that doesn't make you feel like there's something wrong with you that needs to be fixed.

Every time I enjoy a cup of Botanica Health's Moon Mylk I just feel like I'm showing myself some love. It becomes this really special and almost sacred moment that I get to have instead of simply taking a pill out of convenience and or being short on time.

It forces me to slow down and become more present. It reminds me to breathe again as I smell its sweetness floating through the air. It genuinely makes me feel good because I know that I'm doing something kind for myself and that I'm giving my body the support it needs to tackle whatever obstacles come up throughout my day.

If you're also looking for a way to manage your stress throughout the day I definitely recommend giving this product a try.

If you have any questions about it please feel free to reach out and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Until next time wishing you nothing but health, happiness and tons of love.

Your friend,

Lau <3

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