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A Shitty Situation - In This Case Literally

A shitty situation looks different to everyone, but the situation and or story that I wanted to share with you today isn't the typical I had a bad day at work story, it involves me literally being faced with my own shit.

Now I know that reading a story about good old number 2 isn't really something that most people would be interested in because let's be real, it's not all that appealing.

But this story, felt important to share because it's something that would have caused me to feel so much shame in the past.

And the fact that I don't feel ashamed to share it with you now feels pretty incredible to me considering how hard I've worked to undo the damage that shame created in my life over the years.

So before we get into the shit, let's talk about the situation, shall we?

The Situation

The situation I'm referring to is getting my period. Although it obviously wasn't my first period, it was the first really brutal period that I'd had in over a year.

From the time I was 11 up until a little over a year ago now, my periods were so bad that every single month I would miss either school or work because of being in so much pain.

The first two days were always the worst. I'd be curled up in a ball wanting to throw up and pass out because it was so bad.

I'd also often find myself in the shower or being stuck on the toilet for hours on end because of having the runs.

I'd also get so light-headed that I could hardly walk or keep my eyes open which made it so much scarier because I never knew whether or not I'd pass out and end up drowning in the shower.

Every single month for 29 years I dreaded my periods because every single month it meant that I'd have to re-experience that pain all over again.

What I Tried to Fix It

I'd tried almost every single Western solution possible. From Advil to Tylenol, to Midol and more all the painkillers didn't work.

Then I tried one kind of birth control which helped me to gain 10 pounds, grow boobs overnight lol and have super fun mood swings. Then I tried another kind of birth control which helped to regulate my periods but it didn't really do much to reduce the pain.

I used heating pads, tried castor oil packs, I used turmeric capsules and every single hormone-balancing herb I could get my hands on.

Vitex, Yarrow, Maca, Ashwagandha, and more lined my cupboards until slowly my pain levels reduced a little bit but they were still too strong to be able to function normally.

Then as a last resort, I tried Cannabis. I'd never taken any drugs in my entire life and I'd been so conditioned to believe that Cannabis was one of the most dangerous drugs out there that I never considered trying it until I couldn't take it anymore.

It didn't completely fix the issue, but it definitely made it way more manageable than ever before. CBD gummies seemed to be the best fit for me at about 25mg's per gummy because I was able to relieve some of the pain without getting high which I really preferred.

Then it finally happened - the magic duo.

Omega 3's

I've worked in the natural products industry since 2017 but never before had someone suggested to me to try taking omega 3's for my period pain.

I'd tried literally everything else up until that point so I decided to give it a try.

I was mind-blown. I was able to work while being on my period for the first time without dying of pain. I still had some tini cramping but nothing compared to what I was used to experiencing.

I was in such a state of shock, happiness and also anger because I was like wait a minute, you mean to tell me that I have literally died of pain every single month for 29 years and all I needed were Omega 3's?

Why don't doctors know about this? Why don't gynecologists know about this? Why don't we teach this to girls in sex ed classes? I don't know why, but now that I have this information I will do all that I can to help as many women who suffer from painful periods know about this information as I possibly can.

I usually take 600mg's of omega-3's thrree times per day for the first two to three days of my period. I've also tried taking Omega 3's every day as well as a couple of days before I'm supposed to get my period and I felt the biggest difference taking them a day or two before.

You can either use plant-based omega 3's which will be made from algae or flaxseed or you can work with fish-based omega 3's instead. I've tried working with most kinds of omega 3's (liquid, capsules, plant-based and fish-based) but I've felt the biggest difference from working with fish-based omega 3's.

Womb Healings

The other thing that I've done that's really helped to improve my periods is womb healings. Womb healings aren't something that's really talked about in Western society, but indigenous cultures from all over the world have been aware of the need for and the power of womb healings for thousands of years.

Our wombs are where we hold so many painful memories from our past and because I'd been through so many in my life, my womb was a walking time bomb waiting to go off every single month.

When I started to receive womb healings and when I started giving womb healings to myself I also noticed a huge difference in not just my symptoms but also in the way I was connecting to my body.

So why did the shit hit the fan again?

So why after a year of having dream periods was I now sitting on my toilet bent over in pain again? Well, our bodies need love and affection in ways that we don't always tune into.

Apparently, my body needed some serious releasing and man oh man did I release.

As I felt the all too familiar feelings of pain slowly growing in the base of my stomach and I slowly started to feel my blood pressure drop I knew that I needed to get into the shower asap.

I undressed as quickly as I could, I pushed the shower curtain aside and I immediately sat down in the bottom of the shower so that if I did pass out at least I wouldn't have a concussion.

I turned on the shower and took deep breaths as I gently laid my arms across my knees and leaned my forehead gently on top of them.

I knew what to expect but this time was different because now I had something with me that I never had in the past, nervous system regulation techniques and womb healing wisdom.

The Release

Each time I felt a wave of pain come up I would use one of the breathing techniques I'd learned, I'd move my body in the way it was asking to be moved and then I did something that felt so strange but so incredibly healing - I screamed through the pain.

The pain was so bad at one point I'd moved into the fetal position with my shins and knees on the bottom of the bathtub so that the water would be pouring down against my lower back.

As I did I felt that I needed to go to the bathroom, but the pain was too intense for me to get out of the bathtub in order to get to the toilet and so... I just let go.

As I cried and screamed through it I felt so incredibly amazed and proud of myself for not feeding into the fear of feeling pain. I felt so proud of myself for not judging myself. For not shaming my body. For not making myself feel worse than I already did.

Instead, I chose to hold myself through the pain. I chose to comfort myself in the way that I needed to be. I chose to speak to myself with love and to think loving thoughts because I knew that like all pain, this too would pass.

And guess what, it did.

When the pain finally subsided enough for me to be able to move again I slowly cleaned up after myself and I also cleaned myself up too for obvious reasons lol.

I then got into something really comfy and climbed into bed. I spent the rest of the day showing myself the softness my body was so desperately needing.

What I learned from shitting myself haha

This might sound crazy, but this wasn't the first time I'd had no choice but to let nature run its course in the shower because of not being able to move while on my period.

The idea of talking about it or even just talking about my period in the past felt like the most taboo shameful thing ever, but I realize now that I was only ever ashamed because someone else told me to be.

As women, we're so often taught and told that our pain isn't as bad as we're making it seem. We're told that we're being too sensitive or that we're overly dramatic.

But I can tell you firsthand that when you find yourself curled up in a ball in the bottom of your shower hoping that you don't drown to death while pooping your non-existent pants, you wouldn't feel like coming into work either lol.

I know that not every single woman goes through periods like this and that there's an incredibly wide spectrum of period symptoms that women go through. But no matter what your symptoms may be, know that you deserve to receive support and love through them, not shame.

Our wombs are incredibly wise but we just need to learn how to understand their wisdom. My period pain was a lovely combo of accumulated emotions and too many pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Yours might be for different reasons.

The Really Good News

The really good news is that it's 100% possible to experience better periods. For most women simply taking magnesium, Omega 3's and plants such as maca root, ashwagandha, and yarrow make a huge difference.

Often times period pain, hormonal acne, mood swings, and more are caused by estrogen levels being too high.

By working with plants that help to increase your progesterone levels, you'll help your body to come back to balance again.

It's also really important to support your liver with things such as artichokes, broccoli sprouts, and any cruciferous veggies because your liver plays a huge role when it comes to estrogen levels.

Keep in mind that when you're working with plants it can take up to three months to start seeing a difference so patience is key in seeing results but it's 100% worth it.

If you've already tried everything that I've mentioned then I'd really recommend trying out womb healings. You can either receive a womb healing from someone or you can learn to give them to yourself.

They help you to connect to your womb and to release stored emotions in an incredibly powerful way.

Wrapping up

If you experience severe period pain or symptoms (like pooping in the shower lol) know that you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Your body is in need of support and there isn't anything wrong with you for needing some help in doing so.

There's more and more research coming out and there are so many incredible books as well as natural health practitioners that are ready and waiting to help you to have transformational periods instead of being terrified of them every month like I was.

One of my all-time favourite books about hormones is called Women's Wellness Wisdom by Libby Weaver. It teaches you about so many different plants, practices and techniques to help you heal and support yourself as a woman in so many ways.

Thank you so much for taking the time to shoot the shit with me (I had to put in one last one lol) and I can't wait to share with you again soon.

If you ever need any support or guidance please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll always do my best to support you in any way that I can.

Until next time,



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