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Image by Ethan Wong

Joy Support

Hey there my beautiful friend,

I’m so freaking excited that you’re here It’s bananas! Like I’m legit throwing a party in my own head just thinking about the joy that is waiting for you! It’s so much fun!


In case you’re wondering what the party looks like, all of your favourite people are there, the DJ has all your go to songs lined up, your fav foods are being served, and all you get to decide what fun activities everyone is going to do!


In my head you seem so happy that you’re literally glowing. This might sound completely crazy and completely unrealistic, and maybe it is in a way (because it’s all in my head at this point lol), but in another way - it’s not. 


We all know that life is full of challenges, but we also know that there are moments in life that feel so incredible it feels like nothing could ever bring us down. It feels like our hearts are so full, that we feel excited to simply be. 

But for so many of us we end up getting stuck in those moments of struggle and unhappiness and we allow them to stick around with us for way longer than they need to. So how do we get unstuck right?


How do we start moving towards the things that we really want like joy, love, success and all that other good suff while we’re faced with life challenges?


We simply start by facing the fear to begin (which let’s be real feels like the biggest and scariest step of all). We then figure out what your roadblocks are. Then we face those roadblocks and come up with a game plan on how to deal with them when they come up. 


After that, we add in some super cool tools to help you better manage life’s difficult moments (a.k.a nervous system regulation techniques), and then we get the freaking joy fest started!!! WOOT WOOT!

If you feel as excited as I do about the thought of you experiencing more hope, healing, love, joy, and literally anything else that you can possibly imagine, then click that button below to ask me all the questions you've got and let's get this party (aka your freaking life) started!

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