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It's Time to Heal Your Heart

Hello my love <3 I'm so happy to hear that you're ready to show your heart some love. Whether you're moving through a heartbreak, you're dealing with loss, or you're trying to heal from something in the past, my heart song healings are here to help.

What a session looks like

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Heart Healing Herbal Infusions

When you first arrive to your session, I'll prepare you a heart healing herbal infusion that'll help to soothe your nervous system and open your heart up to release all that wants to come up. 

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Heart Song Channeling

After you've had some of the heart healing herbal infusion, I'll lead you through a couple of simple nervous system regulation techniques, and then I'll open myself up to channel a healing heart song for you.

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Sharing Messages

At the end of the heart song healing I share any images, messages, or sensations that came through with you so that you can continue your heart healing journey after our session finishes.

What to Expect

Although everyone has a slightly different experience, the most common sensations to feel during a heart song session is tingling or tightness in your heart and throat. Many people experience a release through crying, yawning, or simply a softening of their body. 

Some people become cold during the session while others become very warm (which is why I always have blankets of different textures and thickness available).

Most people feel peaceful and a great sense of release after a session. 

To learn more about my spiritual gifts you can click here. 

Book A Session

Thanks for sending me your info! I'll be sure to reach out to you asap to schedule our heart song healing session together <3

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