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Get To Know Lau

Hey there my beautiful friend,

I'm so incredibly grateful to be here with you <3 As you already know my name is Laura Lee Peters otherwise known as Lau. I'm a joy journalist and a joy facilitator with a background in holistic nutrition, nervous system regulation techniques, and energetics. 

I'm also the founder of Project Little Joy! 

I've already shared a little bit about my journey with you by sharing the story of Project Little Joy (which you can read by clicking here), but I also wanted to share a bit more about myself and my background with you in case you wanted to connect a little bit more. 

My interest in health and wellness started when I was about 14 years old as a way to try and help myself to find answers for the challenges I was dealing with at home. 

I didn't understand exactly what was wrong at the time, but I knew that I needed help and that no one around me seemed to have the answers. Because of that, I turned to the only thing that I thought might help me - books and good old google.

I started reading as much as I possibly could to try and help myself to deal with the anxiety I was constantly feeling from the challenges I was dealing with at home.

Those challenges were primarily centred around my parents and the incredible amount of trauma that they'd been through in their childhoods.

As the years went by my mental health would go through highs and lows depending on how bad things got at home along with how many other challenges life had thrown my way. 

On top of that, I also dealt with a ton of physical health issues that were becoming more and more challenging to deal with. 

So I decided to take things into my own hands and to start learning about natural health and healing with the help of food, herbs, and supplements. 

As my passion grew, my physical health started to improve and my symptoms of anxiety felt a lot more manageable. 

With time, people started coming to me with questions about their health challenges and I realized that there were so many people that were searching for natural ways of dealing with their own physical and mental health challenges too. 

After getting my BFA at Concordia University I then decided to become certified as a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


After that, I started coaching and working in a health food store where I started learning more information than I could've ever imagined about natural health and healing.

From 2017 until this past year I was working within the natural products industry. I worked in 2 of the largest health food stores in Montreal as well as one smaller health food store in the heart of down town where I received weekly trainings about the supplements and cosmetics that we carried.


I also did additional trainings and certification around topics such as nervous system support, gut health, and more.


My experience working in health food stores later allowed me to have the opportunity to work for a US CBD company where I was the product specialist. During my time with that company I wrote over 80 blogs, over 300 hundred product descriptions and supported customers in finding the right products for their specific health needs. 

I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Health Line as well as Pop Sugar which was such an incredible experience.

Since I first started working in the industry, I've had the opportunity to try hundreds of different products from some of the natural health industries top companies.

Some of which included:

  • Botanica Health

  • Natural Factors 

  • Vega 

  • Garden of Life 

  • Genuine Health

  • Organika

  • and more

Outside of supplements I also had the opportunity to learn about and try many natural cosmetic brands such as:

  • Derma E

  • Pacifica 

  • Carina Organics

  • Boho

  • Dr. Hauschka 

  • and more

During my time working within the natural products industry I've always continued to learn all that I can about mental health and the nervous system. 

But my biggest lessons in mental health and the nervous system came when the years of trying to heal myself and to support and fix everything for my parents finally caught up to me. 

As hard as I tried to use all of the tools I'd learned over the years, as much as I took all of the supplements that I'd relied on for so long, my mind and my nervous system ended up becoming so overwhelmed from all of the abuse that I ended up having a mental breakdown which lead me to spending a week in a crisis centre on the edge of death. 

It literally felt as if something in my brain had broken. I was in so much pain that my mind kept on telling me that the only way to make it stop was to take my own life. 

But thankfully, I'd done something I'd never done before - I finally spoke my truth to my other family members about how much I was suffering. I finally admitted how much pain I was in and with their love and support I was able to start healing one small step at a time. 

I was lucky enough to receive EFT training, Vagus nerve training, and DBT therapy which helped me to better manage the emotional flashbacks I was experiencing along with the intensity of the emotions and thoughts that came with those emotions. 

Although I still have a long way to go on my healing journey, I finally feel as if I've reconnected with myself again. I finally feel clear about my purpose in life. I finally feel as though I'm filled with hope, love and joy in a way that I'd only dreamed of since I was a little kid. I finally feel safe.

I feel so incredibly lucky to be alive and to have survived all that I did, and I feel even luckier to be able to use everything that I've been through to help others to find hope, healing, love, and joy too.

The last part of my story that I want to share with you is my gift of energetics which I've had with me ever since I was very young. To read about that journey and my gift of energetics you can simply click here

So what's next? Where will my journey take me? Well, I hope that it'll lead to endless adventures, beautiful connections, conversations, and magical moments that will help me to experience and hopefully grow my mission of Project Little Joy a little bit more each day. 

So that's it, me in a nutshell. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me better and thank you so much for being a part of my journey and my biggest mission in life - Project Little Joy. 

With all my love, 


Contact Me

Do you want to talk with me about my story or Project Little Joy? If you do, then you can simply click the contact button below. 

I'd also love to hear all about your story so please feel free to share that with me too! 

Looking forward to connecting with you soon and sending the biggest hugs your way.

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