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Hey there beautiful,

I'm so happy to have you here with me! 

Finally Safe is a one of a kind program that I created in hopes of helping highly sensitive souls like you and me to better manage stressful situations without having to resort to people pleasing, playing small, or feeling constantly afraid of loosing it all.  


I don't know if you ever feel this way, but as a recovering people pleaser, I used to be so in awe of people who spoke their minds in stressful situations. 


I remember thinking to myself how are they so calm? How can they say what they think so confidently even if they don’t agree with what someone else has said?


I genuinely thought that I could never be like them. I thought that people-pleasing and playing small were the only ways for me to get through stressful situations.  


In my mind, the narrative was something along the lines of: if I make sure that everyone else is happy, then everything will be okay. Then I’ll be okay. 


But after a lifetime of people pleasing, I had nothing left to give and I knew that I had no choice but to learn how to start using my voice. When I first started speaking up, my voice shook so much! 

But with time, practice and the incredible nervous system regulation techniques that I learned, I started to feel calmer and more confident in situations that would’ve caused me to crumble into a people-pleasing stress ball in the past. 


Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments of self-doubt and I still have my moments when I feel afraid. But now, I know that when stressful situations come up I can choose to respond differently if I want to. 


I want that for you too and I know with all of my heart and soul that if I can learn how to respond differently in stressful situations, so can you.


And I can’t wait to show you how!

A 3 month program to help you to better manage stressful situations with resorting to people pleasing, playing small or feeling afraid of losing it all.


During our 3 months together you will:

Finally Safe.png

Month 1: Nervous system reset: during your first month you'll learn how your nervous system works so that you can start to identify your body's unique physical responses to stress and you'll start to reset your nervous system to help yourself feel safer in stressful situations. 

Month 2: Nervous system regulation: Now it's time to start rewiring and healing your nervous system through a series of simple proven somatic exercises and co-regulation activities.

Month 3: Integrate: You'll practice using your voice within a safe environment and you'll learn how to bridge the gap between your body's physical and mental responses to stressful situations in order to stop people pleasing.

The Tools I'll Use To Support You

90+ Nervous System Regulation Techniques: You'll be getting over 90 simple nervous system regulation techniques that will help you to reset, heal, and regulate your nervous system in stressful situations 


1:1 support via Slack: to answer any of your questions about the videos, nervous system regulation techniques or the super fun activities we'll be doing together


Guided Meditations: The guided meditations in this program will help to heal your nervous system and help retrain and reframe how you think in stressful situations


Bi-Weekly Group Activity Calls: Where we get together and do super fun co-regulation exercises as well as 1 FAQ call per month

Monthly workshops: Each month you'll get 2-4 pre-recorded workshops that will help you to understand your nervous system in a way that you could've never imagined.


Private Facebook Community: for lifting each other up through the challenging moments and for celebrating each other when we overcome them.


& so more!


Gone are the days...

No more feeling like our feelings are too much.


No more feeling all alone in our sensitivity.


And no more people pleasing or playing small as a coping mechanism for stressful situations.


When it comes to reseting, regulating, and healing our nervous systems in order to stop people pleasing and playing small - co-regulation is key.


That's why I've structured Finally Safe to be a DONE WITH YOU program. 


You watch the training videos + practice the proven somatic exercises that I provide you with while I support you through every step of the way with group co-regulation calls, 1:1 Slack support, and so much more. 


There's no room to fail here, because if you're here with me right now, in my books, you've already succeeded. 


I know that you can do this and I can't wait to see you shine!

We've been taught..

That in order to stop feeling stressed we need to think our way out of it. 


That we need to simply distract ourselves from feeling it. 


And that feeling really stressed means that we’re simply being too sensitive, weak, overdramatic and you name it.  

Are These Myths True?

Hell no! 

I mean take a minute to think about the last time that you were feeling really stressed out to the point that you couldn't think straight. 

Did thinking more change how stressed you felt?

Probably not right?

How about distracting yourself? Did the feeling of stress go away then?

I don't know about you, but anytime I've tried to think my way out of feeling stressed or I've tried to distract myself, I just end up feeling like I'm stuck in this state of low grade stress that kind of lingers there. 

My brain won't shut off and my body feels like it's still stuck in that stressful moment even though it's over. 

Why does that happen? Why can't we just think our way out of feeling stressed?

Because you can't think your way out of a feeling, you can only feel your way out. 

My Mission

To help you feel safe enough to start using your voice in stressful situations instead of resorting to people pleasing and playing small.


To help you to feel worthy of being included in the people that you make happy each and every single day.

The Old Way Of Dealing With Stress

Feel stressed > People Please >> Overthink, more stress, resentment, and fear that never seem to end

The New Way Of Dealing With Stress

1. Reset - Identify the feeling>> 2. Regulate - Use NSR technique>> 3. Integrate - Use Your Voice 

Take a Moment to Imagine

What would your life look like if stress didn’t run the show - but instead you did.   


What would it feel like to no longer have to people please or silence your voice out of a fear of something bad happening? 


What would it feel like to be calm and confident in stressful situations instead of feeling afraid?

Maybe you'd finally feel brave enough to ask for that raise that you deserve.

Maybe you'd end up buidling deeper more loving connections with your friends and family than you could ever possibly imagine.

And maybe you'd even end up buidling a healthier more loving relationship with yourself too. 

Wouldn't that be amazing? 

I think so too, and together, we can make all of these things and more finally come true.

Finally Safe.pdf.png
Join Today

One Payment of $3000 (save $300)


3 payments of $1100

(for more payment plans please send me a DM on Instagram)

This Program is Perfect for You if...

✔You're a highly sensitive person that resorts to people pleasing and playing small in stressful situations


✔ You're ready to start feeling calm and confident in stressful situations instead


✔ You're ready to finally feel safe using your voice and being seen for all that you are - the good, the bad, the messy, the sweet, the sensitive, and the beautiful


✔ You're ready to receive support, to stop feeling all alone, and to finally be included in the endless love and joy that you give to others on a the daily


Q1. Is this program a replacement for therapy?

A1. No it isn't. Therapy is an erepalcable  tool that I reccomend everyone to try at least once in their life (if not more). Whether you've worked with a therapist in the past, or if you're working with one now, this program is a great addition to any therapeutic program but it's not a replacement for it. When in doubt, it's always best to speak with your support system first to make sure that this program is the right fit for you.

Q2. What qualifies me to be talking about nervous system regulation?

A2. Although I'm not a therapist, I've been researching stress management tools and techniques since 2017. I first started my journey into the mental health space by trying to reduce my own symptoms of anxiety and ended up learning an endless amount of tools and techniques for not only dealing with symptoms of stress but also for healing the nervous system. My background in holistic nutrition, nervous system regulation techniques, and creative art therapy techniques, are what make me a great support for anyone looking to better manage stress.

Q3. Are there any other products that I have to purchase in order to see results from this program?


A3. Although there'll be one section about nutrition in this program, you don't need to make any additional purchases to see results from this program. 

Q4. If I can’t attend a live class will I be able to watch it afterwards?


A4. 100% yes! Although I'll always do my best to host the classes at the most convenient time possible, all of the live classes will be recorded so you never have to worry about missing out. 

Q5. How is this stress management program different from others?


A5. This stress management program is different from others because it combines holistic nutrition with nervous system regulation techniques (such as vagus nerve exercises, EFT, and more) along with creative art therapy techniques. 

Q6. How do I know if this program is for me?


A6. If you've tried mindset based stress management techniques and you've yet to see a difference in how you respond in stressful situations, this program may be the perfect fit for you.

How To Apply

1. Apply to Finally Safe by clicking the button below


2. Next you’ll fill out a super simple application form


3. Then I’ll reach out to you directly on Instagram in order to make sure that I’m the right fit to support you on your journey 

A Little Dose of Love

Regardless of whether or not we work together, I just want to let you know that I believe in you. 

I know with all of my heart and soul that you can become the version of you that you want to be. I know, because that version of you is already right there inside of you. She's just been waiting for you to give her the permission to finally be seen, heard, and felt fully - fear and all. 

You deserve to heal, you deserve to feel peaceful, safe, joyful, deeply loved, and confident too.

You deserve all of this, because everyone does, and I hope that you never forget that going forward.

Sending you all of my love and strength as your take the next steps on your big, beautiful, inspiring journey.


You're amazing, and you've got this! 

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