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Hey there my beautiful friend,

I'm so excited to tell you all about energetics. Energetics and or energy healing has so many different names but at the end of the day energetics to me is simply a way of healing and or shifting energy from one state to another.

Ever since I was really young, I've been able to feel energy and have had the instinct to use my own energy to help others to heal and transform themselves. 

I started using my gift as a kid to help my pets when I felt that they weren't feeling well and with time I started sharing my gift with people.

I can feel other people's emotions, their joy, their pain, and their love, as if it's a physical object. It has a texture, a temperature, a colour, and size, a weight, and speed at which it moves. 

I can also feel when things are blocked and or stuck in someone on an emotional level. 

I also sometimes receive messages that come to me as images - almost like a movie. The images never make any sense to me, but feel like they're meant for the person I'm being told to share them with. 

By using my hands I'm able to tap into and feel energy even more deeply. My left hand feels as though it's pulling in the energy giving me the information, then it passes through my body, is transformed, and new energy comes out to clear the energy blockages from my right hand. 

As I'm feeling into the energy of another person I also hear messages and am guided to make sounds that will help to shift their energy. 

Sometimes the sounds come out as light language, other times they sound like singing bowls, and other times they're completely random and unique for the person receiving the healing. 

Although I never know for sure who's going to show up to the energy healing party haha often there are several energies that make a consistent apearence to help me support you through the experience. 

One of the women is a very funny surgeon who works with very precise movements to address physical ailments.


Another woman that supports me in helping you is a bad ass no kidding around shaman that helps to clear out the really dense energies connected to the emotions of guilt, shame, pain, and anger. 

There are two ayuwaska seremony leaders that sometimes show up to the party to help clear things out in a puryfying way. 

There is another very angelic energy that comes through me in almost every session to bring in lighter energy and healing. 

Sometimes people's ancestors show up or spirit guides that want to support you in the process too. Asended masters such as Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Isis and more also enjoy making apearences to spice things up from time to time.

Although it may sound like a lot, no matter who shows up and decides to work through me, every single one is there to help you in your healing process. 

I know that this sounds wild - and it totally is haha. I mean anyone would think so - but wild is kind of my jam and I really love getting to experience all the magic that comes through me in order to help you!


Besides being able to feel energy from others and the spaces I go into, I'm also able to help others to better understand and shift their own energy too. 

So whether you're simply looking for energy healing or you're looking to develop and or tune into the gift of feeling energy (which we all have to varying degrees) then I'd love to connect and discuss how I can best support you on your energetics journey.


To help you have a better idea of what some of the sounds that come through me during a session are, I've shared a few short videos that you can take a look at below.

Sound Healing & Light Language


Heart Song Healings

If you've been moving through heartbreak, loss and or grief or if you're simply looking to show yourself and your heart some much needed love my heart song healing sessions are a great way of helping your heart to heal, soften, and open up to be able to receive love.  

Sessions are between 30 to 60 minutes long

gate of your heart 2-2.png

Womb Healings

Womb healings are a great way of helping to heal your womb space from past relationship pain, generational trauma, period pain, the loss of a child and so much more.


They allow you to safely feel and process what you've been carrying so that you can gently let the pain go and create a healthier relationship with you body.

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Full Body Healing

Full Energy Field Healing & Channeling with Light Language Sound Healing sessions are a great way of helping yourself to move through emotional blockages from the past that you may have blocked out and or forgotten. 

They're also a great way of simply helping yourself to release energy that's no longer serving you.

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Image by Dewang Gupta
“It's difficult for me to open up and use my voice and I wanted to say thank you for making it such a safe and beautiful experience for me to express myself in a way that I never have before.”

- Erin -

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